Legacy Receiver Reviews

The Radio Netherlands Collection

The receiver reviews listed on this page were originally published on the Radio Netherlands website before the year 2000 but are re-published here following the loss of their original home. They are provided here for those who are looking for information on pre-owned receivers. The reviews were coordinated by the Media Network team at Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (R. Netherlands).

All the reviews have been carried out by independent reviewers. Neither Radio Netherlands or the Medium Wave Circle has any financial connection with any of the manufacturers listed.

Interestingly, in the years since publication some receivers have vanished without trace yet others not only soldier on but have a well-earned place in receiver history.

(Please note that these reviews may include certain information, such as manufacturer contact details, that are now out of date. Prices obviously relate those prevailing when the receivers were reviewed.)


AOR: AR-5000 – AR-7030 – AR7030+

Drake: R8 – R8A – R8B – SW2 – SW8

Grundig: P2000 – Satellit 800 – YB320 – YB360  – YB400 – YB500 – YB305

Icom: IC-PCR1000 – IC-R100 – IC-R71A – IC-R72E – IC-R75 – IC-R9000

Japan Radio Company: NRD-345 – NRD-535 – NRD-545

Kenwood: R-5000

Lowe: HF-150 – HF-225 – HF-250

Kneisner and Doering: KWZ30 (PDF version only)

Philips: AE-3750

Radio Shack: DX-375 – DX-394

Sangean: ATS-505 – ATS-606 – ATS-808 – ATS-818 – ATS-909

Sony: ICF-2001D – ICF-SW07 – ICF-SW100 – ICF-SW1000T – ICF-SW40 – ICF-SW55  ICF-SW7600G – ICF-SW7600GR – ICF-SW77 – XR-C5100

Ten-Tec: RX320 – RX340

Watkins-Johnson: HF 1000

Yaesu: FRG-100