IC-PCR1000Released in 1997, ICOM responded to the popular WiNRADiO with its PC-based DC-to-daylight receiver. We haven’t had the opportunity to completely test the ICOM unit yet, but here’s what we know. It is an external unit, covering from 100 kHz to 1300 MHz with modes of AM, FM, WFM, SSB and CW. In some countries the version is cellular-blocked. There is an optional DSP unit that plugs into the radio. The software allows three “views” of the receiver: a standard receiver, components and a smaller receiver that reminds us of the IC-R100. Note there is a “bandscope”, multiple filters and memory and scanning options.

software screen

The street price of the wide-coverage receiver is US$400, CAN$700, UK £255.

This review first appeared on the Radio Netherlands website.