This website exists as the result of volunteer effort by members of the Medium Wave Circle. We aim to have as much content as possible created by members of the Circle. We would like to acknowledge contributions from:

  • Jack Weber – photography
  • Steve Whitt – written content & web design
  • Stuart Heathcock – web design & functionality
  • Andrew Brade – All Time DX Lists
  • Herman Boel – European Medium Wave Guide
  • Andy Sennitt – Radio Nederlands receiver reviews

Additional content received with thanks from Medium Wave Circle members is credited on the relevant page/section of this website.

Thank you also to our pre-launch testers and Hermod Pedersen, Nick Hall-Patch, Barry Davies, Herman Boel, Martin Hall, Tom Crosbie, John Williams and Adrian Hilsum.

Our policy

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As a further exception individual electronic messages distributed by the Circle (for example via our Facebook group or the members’ group or service) may be reproduced without prior permission provided they are appropriately dated and credited to the Medium Wave Circle. Wholesale reproduction of all or a substantial proportion of messages, and automated reproduction, is not permitted without prior permission.

Everything reproduced from the Circle must be correctly attributed to the author and to the Circle unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing. Articles or features should be accompanied by a phrase such as “reproduced with permission of the Medium Wave Circle”. For brevity short electronic messages can be attributed “MWC + date” or “courtesy MWC” or similar phrase that mentions “MWC”.

The Circle respects copyright and will use its best endeavours to gain permission before we reproduce material and to correctly attribute authors and sources.

Some material on this website is covered by a Creative Commons Licence granted by Tony Hudson to the Medium Wave Circle. This allows the Circle to use, re-use and make derivatives of material created when Tony Hudson was Circle Webmaster.

All inquiries regarding Copyright should be sent to Circle Copyright.

updated April 2021