MWC Online Group

The Circle has members dispersed across the world in more than 25 countries and 10 time zones so bringing the community together is really important. In the past we had to rely on Medium Wave News or the postal system which was a slow way to communicate. But now of course the internet has changed everything. For 25 years we’ve been using e-mail to bring members together but now we use an online group as a hub to connect the community.

When you join the Circle you also automatically become a member of the MWC Online Group which we host on This is a private members-only forum. The vast majority of Circle members are here.

At its simplest this is a members-only e-mail based forum but the private nature of the group allows us to store and share files.

How it works

When you join the Circle you will receive an invitation via e-mail within 2-3 days via to join  You MUST accept this to fully activate your Circle membership.  If you don’t receive the invitation, please check your SPAM folder before contacting our Membership Secretary Paul Crankshaw ( – replacing “AT” with “@” ) who will resolve any problems. You can accept the invitation by replying to the e-mail or by clicking a link to accept the invitation on the group website. Be aware that your link will expire 14 days after the invitation was sent to you.

Once this is completed you will be able to participate in the discussion forum by sharing messages with other members, receive details about downloading electronic copies of Medium Wave News when they are published, and have access to other material online which is exclusively available to members.

As a member of the MWC Online Group you can control your email subscription preferences (i.e. how you receive messages) and your own password and there is a comprehensive help facility

You can remain logged in to the MWC Online Group all the time if you wish, accessing it via your web browser on your computer or smartphone. But even if you log out you will still be able to participate in the e-mail forum with other Circle members simply by receiving and sending e-mails to the group address. All previous forum messages are available to you if you log in via your browser, and they are fully searchable.

Since the MWC Online Group is an important benefit of being a Circle member we want you to be able to make the best use of it.

Once in the group you will have access to the ten most recent issues of Medium Wave News. So if you are new member or you have mislaid your copy of MWN you can catch up with recent developments.

Other benefits of the group include access to the All Time MW DX Lists and other material exclusively stored for the benefit of club members.

If you are a Circle member and don’t yet have access to the online group please request access by sending us a message here.