Year Introduced/discontinued: 1995/Feb 2000
Power 3 volts (2 “C”s), AC or DC adaptor optional
Size: 18.4 x 10.8 x 3.5 cm
Weight: 260 grams
Price: US$100 (not available in Australia)
Coverage: AM, FM, SW 2.3-6.25 & 7.1-21.85 MHz

Value Rating: starstar

This review was compiled independently. The Medium Wave Circle and Radio Netherlands has no financial connection with Radio Shack, the manufacturer of this receiver.

A low-cost digital, shortwave receiver which covers the major international shortwave broadcast bands in two bands and AM mode only. It is one of the few low-cost portables that cover the extended 41m and 31m bands. Although there is a gap between 6250 and 7100 kHz, there are only a few out of band channels that are used by broadcasters in this range (e.g. North Korea). The radio includes memory preset for 30 stations, a sleep timer and offers FM stereo through headphones. There is no clock. The set has average selectivity. Synthesizer noise is rather high for tropical band listening.

This review first appeared on the Radio Netherlands website.