Sony ICF2010/2001D Archive CD

by Steve Whitt

In 2005 we marked the 21st birthday of the world’s longest selling modern radio, namely the Sony ICF2010 or 2001D, by producing a special Archive CD. Since then we have moved from CD to online distribution. If this radio is of interest to you then we still have the definitive original source of information available online via the Medium Wave Circle.

Since Sony released the ICF2010/2001D in 1984 many thousands have been sold (perhaps 180,000 but Sony would not reveal the quantity to me when I asked!) and many words have been written in magazines and on the internet on the subject of this extraordinary piece of consumer electronics.

Unfortunately neither print or the Internet is permanent and recently I realised that some older material I remembered seeing was no longer locatable.

So in a very modest attempt to collate information on this receiver I have brought together material in my possession on to one archive CD to share with people interested in this radio.

I have included material from many sources and in some cases it is unclear who the original author was and in others it has proved impossible to contact the author to seek permission to include material here. All material included here is in the public domain though some of it is now very difficult to find!

I have deliberately not included any material that is currently commercially for sale (e.g. RDI White Paper) and I hope I have not offended anyone by including their material here. The exception to this is the inclusion of two booklets I have produced called “Get the Best from Your Sony ICF2010” and “Get Even More from Your Sony ICF2010”. This is the first time these two publications have been available in electronic format.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this disc. Please respect the copyright of the content and do not reproduce, replicate or transmit the content in any form to anyone else; this CD is intended for your own personal use! Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

Thanks to the authors and creators, whom I’ve been able to reach, for giving permission to include their hard work & creative efforts here.”

Steve Whitt (2005)

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