Catch US Daytimer DX from Europe

It may feel strange that I’m about to suggest looking for North American DX during the Summer heatwaves in NW Europe.

But that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Unsurprisingly most DXers look for US daytimer signals in the winter. But between September and March DX opportunities are set by the position of the terminator between day & night – where there is more darkness at higher latitudes in the Northern hemisphere.

However between April and August the opposite is true – there are fewer hours of darkness at higher latitudes in the Northern hemisphere.

This fundamental difference means that opportunities for trans-atlantic daytimer DX are very different between August & September.

If you are interested in a challenge here are some stations that could be heard in the final week of August.

More southerly daytimer stations in the USA have an advantage before the Autumn equinox. Simply put, that is because sunset arrives in Florida earlier than in more northerly latitudes. Another way to express it is to note that Miami has more hours of darkness than Toronto does before the Equinox; after the Equinox the reverse is true.

The following stations might be easier to hear in late August than after the equinox. (The times shown are when the station either reduces power or closes down in August.)

Good luck!

kHzTime utcStation/location (day power)
10602245WCGB Juana Diaz PR (5kW)
16602245WGIT Canovanas PR (10kW)
10402300WNVI Moca PR (9kW)
13202345WATR Waterbury CT (5kW)
13202345WDER Derry NH (10kW)
15702345WUBG Methuen MA (44kW)
7602400WCHP Champlain NY (35kW)
6702400WWFE Miami FL (50kW)
10402400WURN Miami FL (50kW)
10602400WIXC Titusville FL (50kW)
10702400WNCT Greenville NC (50kW)
14702400WWNN Pompano Beach FL (50kW)
15502400WRHC Coral Gables FL (10kW)
15502400WNZF Bunnell FL (5.5kW)
15602400WLZR  Melbourne FL (5kW)
15802400WSRF Ft Lauderdale (10kW)
15902400WPSL Port St Lucie FL (5kW)
13200015WJNJ Jacksonville FL (50kW)
10700015WCSZ Sans Souci SC (50kW)
10400015WYSL Avon NY (20kW)
15300015WYMM Jacksonville FL (50kW)
10400015WPBS Conyers GA (50kW)
11600015WEWC Callahan FL (5kW)
15700015WVOJ Fernandina Beach FL (10kW)

Steve Whitt
Medium Wave News Editor
York, England