Thank You for Purchasing Radio Data MW

Very many thanks for your order for the “Radio Data MW” program by Bill Scott. which will give you access to coverage maps and antenna radiation patterns for every MW/AM broadcast station in the USA and Canada. You can now download your purchase as a zip file by clicking the button below or the link in the caption.

Radio Data MW allows you to easily create maps like these – DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW

Please note that this zip file is up to 60MB in size so please be aware if you are downloading on a metered or slow connection. When you unzip you will have a compendium of valuable information at your fingertips.

After you download the zip file create a new folder on your computer (suggested name = RDMW) into which you can save the six named items shown in the screen image below. This is what you should see in your zip file. All six items should be stored together in one folder.

Once you have the unzipped files saved in a folder you can click on read_me_first.txt for instructions and information. If you want to dive straight in click on RDMW-Start-USA.html so it opens in your Internet browser and then follow the simple on screen guidance. You can of course place a shortcut to RDMW-Start-USA.html on your computer desktop.


Note: Please contact our Treasurer Martin Hall ( if there are any problems downloading or accessing the zip file. We cannot guarantee that the files are free of any defect or virus or corruption in transit, so we strongly advise that you check the files for their integrity, just as you would any other files from the internet.