e-news list

Historically Medium Wave News has always been printed on paper and posted to members from the UK. Indeed that is how MWN is still distributed today.

However we now have e-MWN which makes the magazine available from a web site as a downloadable pdf file. The benefits of this are significant as members can avoid postal delay and the cost of postage both of which are significant when international distribution applies.

e-MWN is available to all members with Internet access.

Finally, there is our mailing list. Here you can send everybody tips and news, share UNIDs by uploading sound files for others to identify, upload small text files and photos with personal information so that other Circle member may get to know you better, etc. 

No need to be afraid of being swamped by e-mails. You can also simply read the posted messages online.

As a member, you can freely subscribe to our e-mailing list:

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When you complete the Yahoo application form please include your real name and location so that we can confirm that you have valid Circle membership.