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2005 represented the 21st Anniversary of Sony creating the amazing ICF2010/2001D radio which is the best selling shortwave radio ever. Over the 21 years that the 2001D/2010 has been around, a huge amount of information has appeared in print & on the web, much of which is no longer available. For that reason Steve Whitt compiled a comprehensive archive file which is now available as a downloadable zip file exclusively through the Circle.

The zip file contains the following:

* Get The Best from Your Sony ICF2010/2001D by Steve Whitt

* Get Even more from Your Sony ICF2010/2001D by Steve Whitt

* Adverts (a selection promoting the 2010)

* Hot Rodding (various items on how to modify/improve)

* Miscellaneous

* Photo Gallery: including photos of different versions from different areas of the world

* Repair: Repair tips; parts; sources and spec sheets; repairers

* Reviews: Solo; comparative; international (non-English)

* Service Manuals: 2 different Editions including high resolution colour images of circuit boards and circuitry * More Sony Stuff (Including User Guide)

* Bibliography

In total there are a large number of files, mostly in .pdf format.
English is the working language.

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This file was compiled by member Steve Whitt and is distributed by the Medium Wave Circle. Any profits made from file are divided equally between the author and the MWC.

CD Pricing
CD Title UK Europe Rest Of World Availabilty
Sony ICF2010/ICF2001D Archive £5 €10 US $12 Available as downloadable zip file

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