All Time DX Lists

For over 50 years the Medium Wave Circle has published interesting reports of long distance reception of faraway radio stations in its newsletter Medium Wave News.

Over time this collection grew and the Circle began to distil these reports into compilation lists showing which faraway radio stations were being heard by listeners in the UK and Ireland. These lists became known as the “All Time DX Lists” even though they only really contain data since the 1950s to the present day.

The oldest list summarises long distance reception of stations in North America, but similar lists have been created for South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. Before the 1980s lists were published infrequently but with advent of computers it became easier to compile data and lists have been published annually. Initially the lists were published in Medium Wave News or as paper supplements as they grew in size. More recently they have been published on an annual CD.

The All Time Lists try to be a comprehensive record of every station heard and positively identified by listeners in the UK and Ireland. Of course this is an impossibility! There will be omissions and there will be errors, so we welcome updates and corrections even years after the event.

North American DX List 2019

Central American DX List 2019

South American DX List 2019

African and Asian DX list 2019