In Memoriam

In memory of past Circle members

* Ken Brownless
* Harold Emblem
* Charles Molloy
* Erland Nilsson
* Arthur Oglesby
* Al Slater
* Ken Toms


Harold Emblem


“Dr Harold Emblem (DPhil Chemistry 1963-66), who died in February 1999, was a personal friend whom I knew for 40 years, first when I worked as a technician for him at Unilever and in recent years as a consultant and collaborator on a review paper.

I will miss him as a friend and consultant. His interests were many, ranging from refractories and ceramics, in particular, to ships, trains and travel. After his retirement as technical director of Zirconyl Ltd, he further extended his interests as a consultant in the Material Science department at UMIST.

I will remember Harold for his advice and help so generously and enthusiastically given, his intense interest in everything he did and his optimistic attitude to life.


Harold is survived by his wife Eileen.”

Keith Hargreaves

Al Slater

Al Slater

Al Slater was an active member of the Circle in the 1950's and 60's. He passed away in November 1992.



Charles Molloy

Charles MolloyCharles Molloy became the editor of Medium Wave News following the death of Ken Brownless in 1984. Charles trained as a telecommunications engineer and became an associate member of the IEE. Afterwards he became a technical author and his work appeared in many radio magazines, including Practical Wireless, of the period.

His interest in the medium waves begun when he was a schoolboy in the mid 1930s after he constructed a receiver for domestic use. He later became interested in the short waves and held the amateur radio callsign G8BUS. Charles edited the April 1985 issue of Medium Wave News before his untimely death after a short illness.

This image of Charles is reproduced, with permission, from the July 1979 edition of Practical Wireless. To view the obituary published in Practical Wireless please follow this link.


Arthur Oglesby

New Circle member in June 1966. Lived most of his life in York 1928-1968 before moving to Harrogate, although the family business was still in York.

Arthur had been fishing for trout and salmon for over 65 years. During this time he also become an author/producer of several angling books and videos, and was a founder member of the Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (APGAI). Between 1968 and 1998 Arthur was the chief instructor at Britain's longest running fishing school (started in 1951) in Grantown-on-Spey.

He was very active radio enthusiast and also wrote for a lot of magazines, including CB World in later years.

Passed away 2nd Dec 2000 three weeks before his 76 birthday.


Ken Brownless

KenKen Brownless ran the Circle from its early days until his death in 1984. A full appreciation of the work of Ken is being written, and thanks to Mike Barraclough and Clive Rooms we now have an image of him. We have also located two sound recordings that date from 1973. The first was recorded at the World DX Club Convention in London and is an interview with Ken with Simon Guettier*. In this recording Ken describes his new loop antenna. This recording is 4.43MB in size and runs for just over 11 minutes.


The second recording is a panel discussion recorded at the same venue. Along with Ken the panel is comprised of Brian Mulleady, Clive Jenkins and Andy Sennitt. Trying to keep control is Simon Guettier. Clive, Andy and Simon are former Circle members. This 5.44MB recording runs to 13 and a half minutes.

The image of Ken, on the left was cropped from a group photograph taken on the 8th October 1977. A full report on this meeting appeared in the November 1977 issue of Medium Wave News and this can be read with the group photograph.

* Five years after this recording was made Simon joined the BFBS and is still with them today.

The Circle acknowledges the help and assistance provided by Mike Barralough.

If you have any material relating to Ken the Circle would be pleased to hear from you.


Erland Nilsson



Joined the Circle in 1965

“Erland Nilsson was a friend of mine, a very skilled DXer, a technical genius. He was also a member of the Arctic Radio Club, Umeå Kortvågsklubb and he was also subscribed to magazines such as The New Statesman. He learnt English on his own as well as Spanish. He was an avid reader and in his library there were lots of books in English and Spanish. Eventually he married an Ecuadorian woman.

Erland passed away in 2000 and left one son, who is not interested at all in radio, and was survived by his wife.”

Henrik Klemetz


Ken Toms

Ken was born in Guernsey in 1925. All his life, man and boy, he was quiet and gentle. His first job on leaving school was at a local brewery in the bottling department. He was there for about 20 years. From there, he moved to an agricultural supplies firm for a number of years until they closed down. Following that, he went to a local timber merchant as a machinist in the sawmill. He enjoyed that work right up to retirement.

As for hobbies, during his more active years, he enjoyed ballroom dancing with his wife who sadly died a year ago. He always liked gardening and of course his great interest in anything wireless.

Ken first joined the Circle in February 1960 and he remained a member for much of the 47 years until his death on 27th February 2007.