President's welcome

What is the Medium Wave Circle?

The Medium Wave Circle is an international club for radio enthusiasts. It brings together people all over the world with a similar interest in medium wave radio (MW, AM or BCB) and related topics. Members of the Circle are interested in many topics including:

* Listening to faraway signals (DX-ing) or other unusual signals
* Listening to international radio programming
* Monitoring utility and beacon transmissions
* Swapping ideas, knowledge and news with other members
* Building and developing equipment; radios, antennas, audio and signal processing etc
* Working with computer software for signal monitoring, antenna modelling, propagation analysis and so on
* Radio propagation at medium frequencies
* Going on DX-peditions to remote locations to hear more signals


Why should I join?

Today many people rely on the internet and online groups for news and information and to build a virtual community. However a club goes further. The Circle embraces the on line experience but it also has exclusive benefits for its members.

Circle members get the following benefits:

* Medium Wave News - the Circle's prestigious magazine, published regularly since December 1954; now distributed on paper and electronically via the Internet as e-MWN
* e-news - the Circle's exclusive members-only e-mail news service which delivers news instantly 24 hours a day in a safe and spam-free environment
* Access to Circle publications, CDs and reprints - a reference library of important articles and features available at discount prices to members
* Pre-publication discounts to members on essential radio books such as World Radio TV Handbook and Passport to Worldband Radio; save money each year
* Access to the experience and knowledge of numerous other like-minded radio enthusiasts all over the world with a vast range of technical, linguistic and operating experience


Is the Circle for me?

Although we are a specialist radio club we welcome all listeners; neither age nor experience (or lack of it) are a barrier to membership. Although the Circle operates in the English language, membership of the Circle knows no geographic boundaries - we have members on every continent (except Antarctica!).


What now?

Please feel free to explore our website. Here you can:

* Find out what our members do. What is Medium Wave DXing?
* Find out what the Circle does and the services it provides
* Get an introduction to DX; you can hear some real DX signals and you can see some QSLs received from MW radio stations
* Read/download a sample copy of Medium Wave News
* Order CDs etc online
* Join the Circle or renew your membership online – securely using the convenience of Paypal, or by traditional payment methods
* Contact us with any questions you might have

The Medium Wave Circle brings together radio enthusiasts located all around the world and it acts as a hub for members to share their experiences, knowledge, news, views and ideas. For over 50 years the Medium Wave Circle has provided an invaluable link between novice and experienced enthusiasts and between people separated by national boundaries and thousands of miles.

I trust you'll feel inclined to join the Circle and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes and good listening,

Bernard Brown

Honorary President
on behalf of the Medium Wave Circle

P.S. Consider saving money by joining for 2 or 3 years