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The main purpose of the Circle has been the production of Medium Wave News.
This started life as a single stencilled page published in December 1954.
Over the years it gradually grew in size.

Now we publish MWN ten times per year and there are usually 40-64 pages per
issue, depending on the amount of news and level of members contributions.
sample magazine
MWN contains the most comprehensive and timely news and features about LW &
MW to be found in any publication. It also carries full details of what
listeners have recently heard, a mailbag column, technical articles, product
reviews and items to help beginners with this fascinating hobby.

So that you can appreciate the scope of Medium Wave News, you can download a
free sample copy of MWN.

Click on image to begin download. File size 3.1 MB. Requires Acrobat Reader.

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